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tampa, FL

I recently bought a piece of property with a house on it. My plan is to turn it from a one story home to a 2 story home. Upon trying to pull a permit for this addition I have discovered that their is a 7foot piece of land between my property and my neighbor's that neither of us owns. I need this 7 feet in order to have a big enough set back for my addition. Should my title insurance company have known this? Should they be able to handle this through a quiet title action? Thank you


May-10-2007 4:05

Hi, Though I don't work specificially in the Tampa area, it is highly unusual to have a 7-foot wide piece in between two plots. Are you in a planned community? If you send me your address and your legal description, I will see if I can discover more about the land in between your home and your neighbors. Unfortunately, this isn't something the title insurance company would normally check for -- they are insuring only the property ID you have contracted for. Instead, it would have been something you would/should have discovered in your "due diligence" or what I call "homework" period before you even make an offer. I will see if I can find out who owns the land and what it is zoned for. That would be your start point. Please email me the information, if you would like me to do more digging for you at and I will respond as quickly as I can. Carol Wilsey, Broker-Owner, Exceptional Properties of SW Florida