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School District Finance Report

The HomeSurfer School District Finance rating for MOLLIE KESSLER is 3.9 out of a possible of 5 points. The HomeSurfer school rating is calculated using factors such as Spending Per Pupil, Capital Spending, and the debt position of the school district. National ranking is weighed more heavily than the state ranking.
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HomeSurfer School Finance Rating

Spending Per Pupil

MOLLIE KESSLER has a spending per pupil rate of 10955. This compares with a rate of 10348 in and a rate of 9698 nationally.

Spending Per Pupil

District 10955
OH 10348
National 9698

MOLLIE KESSLER is in the 79.1% percentile rank in the state for Spending Per Pupil. It is in the 72% percentile rank nationally. Higher numbers are better. In this case, 79.1% of cities in spend the same or less than MOLLIE KESSLER. Said another way, 20.9% of schools in spend more than MOLLIE KESSLER.

  School Report Data

Total Spending Per Pupil
Percentile Rank in State 79.1%

Rank in State 152

Percentile Rank in Nation 72%

Rank in Nation 4246

Capital Spending
% of budget 14.2%
Percentile Rank in State78.6%

Rank in State 170

Percentile Rank in Nation82.4%

Rank in Nation 2653

Surplus/Deficit Per Pupil 1933
In Years 0.2- 0.5
Percentile Rank State78.6%

Rank in State 151

Percentile Rank in Nation79.6%

Rank in Nation 2959

Ranking of School Districts in on Spending Per Pupil

Balance Sheet Review

The MOLLIE KESSLER balance sheet shows a surplus of 1933 per pupil. This compares with an average deficit of -4822 in . With the average revenue per pupil of 12888 the balance sheet surplus, the school has 0.15 years of surplus.

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